Financial Coaching Ltd

 Helping you stay in control of your finances and build a life of wealth


Financial Coaching Ltd

 Helping you stay in control of your finances and build a life of wealth


Who We Work With?


Empowering consumers to be savvy with their spending. An informed consumer is an aware consumer.


We believe in a strong community and work with local educational institutions and charities to deliver interactive financial literacy workshops.

TFC has been instrumental (in) awakening me to the importance of financial stewardship and responsibility. They have gone above and beyond to help me and lam very grateful. I recommend them if you want to get a hold of your finances

- Helena, London

I’m Shadie Banton-John

About Us

Transformational Financial Coaching Ltd was formed by Shadie Banton-John a specialist in behavior and money management. Shadie studied psychology at Masters level and is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She gained her expertise in money management through her own personal life experiences as well as tailor made courses ran through experts in the financial coaching field.


People who work with Shadie are inspired to build better relationships with their money and take control of their finances. Shadie helps people gain the necessary skills they need to get started on their financial journey and is gifted in motivating people to keep focused and not finish when set-backs occur (which they often do).

Shadie works with a team of experts who all have the same passion: To give people from all different walks of life hope, skills and the motivation they need to embark on their personal journey with confidence.


Discover the compelling reasons why taking action on behalf of your students and providing them with comprehensive financial education is an absolute must!

  • An astonishing 82% of young people in the UK and England expressed their desire to be taught financial literacy in schools, as revealed by the Young Person’s Money Index report (2021-2022). Your students clearly crave this knowledge!
  • The OECD PISA Financial Literacy Assessment (2018) brought to light the alarming deficiency in financial literacy skills among 15-year-old students across various countries. This highlights an urgent need for effective financial education.
  • According to a UK Money Charity survey (2019), an overwhelming 94% of teachers and 86% of students firmly believe that financial education should be an integral part of the curriculum. This widespread recognition underscores its undeniable value.
  • Empowering evidence from The Young Enterprise Impact Report (2021) clearly demonstrates that students who participate in financial education programs witness substantial improvements in their financial knowledge and skills. The impact is real!
  • Shockingly, The Money and Pensions Service (2023) Report highlighted that less than half of UK children have received meaningful financial education. Addressing this gap has become a pressing matter.
  • The PwC's 10th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey revealed that 60% of those born between 1997-2021 experienced financial stress. By strengthening financial literacy, we can alleviate this anxiety and equip young people with the vital tools and knowledge they NEED to manage their finances effectively.
  • Recent findings from the Young Person’s Money Index report 2022-2023 indicate that college students are increasingly worried and anxious about money due to the rising cost of living. The majority of school children aged 15 to 16 rely on their parents for financial education, but this declines to just 59% for those aged 17 to 18. It's crucial to bridge this gap.

What's Included In The Course?






Why Choose Us?

  • Our workshops are thoughtfully designed based on invaluable feedback from students themselves.
  • Engaging and systematic, our high-quality content effectively imparts key financial principles.
  • Our well-researched courses truly add value to each and every student.
  • We offer competitive pricing, providing students enrolled in our program access for at least one year.
  • To maintain relevance and applicability, we regularly update our content, staying at the forefront of financial education.

Take action now, and together, we will equip your students with essential life skills for a financially secure future!


Transformational Financial Coaching Ltd Offers:

  • Specialised Financial Literacy Courses, inspired by the young people we have worked with through interactive workshops!
  • Engaging educational content for young students!
  • Additional resources relating to personal finances and self-development!